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7 Photo Must-Haves, as told by a bride




7 Photo Must-Haves, as told by a bride

Mitchell McGinnis

After being married two and a half a years  and having some time to look back at my process of wedding planning, I've realized there are a few things I REALLY want to make sure other brides know when getting ready for your big day. One of the biggest decisions you can make for you wedding is booking your photographer (obviously). Wedding photography has come a long way in the past few years. When you're planning for your big day, you might meet up with your photographer more times than your caterer or florist! Because the pictures last forever, you want to do your part to ensure that you get the best photos of you and your crew that capture the beauty of the day. Here are some ideas to help you start planning!


1. Candid Photos

The posed photos are great, but make sure you talk to your photographer about candid shots of you, your partner, your bridal party, family members, etc. The candid photos will capture the essence and joy of the day better than the posed photos.


2: Groom's First Look

Since the beloved chick-flick 27 Dresses came out in 2008 (OMG, that was 8 years ago??), everyone's attention was brought to the groom's face and emotions when he sees his girl walking down the aisle. The brilliant writers were right! It's a wonderfully emotional moment for the bride to keep forever. Also, depending on the size of the church and number in attendance, the bride might not be able to see the groom clearly before he sees her, so it'll be a nice surprise to see when looking through your photos for the first time. This also applies if you have a "first look" before the ceremony.


3: Bride's First Look

This is a fun trend where your photographers capture the expressions of the bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are your best friends and this is definitely a moment you'll want to remember with your girls!


4: Group shot...of your flowers!

You'll have the group shots planned of your bridal party and your family, but don't forget about your flowers! Flowers are a huge part of the wedding decorations and style and not to mention, they're pretty pricey! Let your flowers be front and center of one or two photos. Have the bride holding her bouquet in the center and the bridesmaids surround the bride's bouquet with their bouquets. It'll be beautiful!


5: Downtown

I'm calling this one "downtime" because the wedding day goes by in a blur. It's a highly emotionally charged day and at some point (after the first look or after the ceremony), I suggest that the two of you have a little down time, or at least sit down! (You'll be surprised at how long you stand up on your wedding day!) I would love to have some photos of my husband and I "relaxing" on our wedding day. I just think that would be really special.


6: Focus on the details

When planning the wedding, every detail is taken into account. Make sure the details are remembered forever! Have close up shots of the wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the pew / bench markers, the food display, the cake, EVERYTHING! Everything was carefully thought out, let it be remembered!


7: Exit Pic

No matter how you do your exit (sparklers, bubbles, birdseed, flower petals, streamers, basically anything people can toss or hold up in the air), you can use the exit to frame up a shot beautifully!

Take a little while to think through these ideas and any other ideas you see from Pinterest or photo galleries and write them down! Give the list to your photographer and clue them in on what you'd like! Make sure you plan plenty of time to get the photos taken. Take into account the time of day your wedding is and talk with your photographer about the best times to take outdoor photos.

About the writer:

Hey, y'all I'm JJ! I'm a Mississippi girl who loves all things weddings! My husband and I got married in 2014 and I had such a fun time planning out every detail of that perfect day! I'm the Communication Director at my church, Vertical Church , in Mississippi and get to work alongside my husband, Luke. Along with loving weddings, I enjoy baking, crocheting, DIY projects, and a nice cup of coffee with a little almond milk creamer! Let's be friends!