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How to Say Yes to the Dress, by The Bridal Path

Mitchell McGinnis

We often hear people say, “I wish someone had taught me how to find a wedding dress!  It’s like you walk into the store and they say ‘what style dress do you like?’ and you’re just supposed to know.  I’ve never done this before though, how should I know??”

This got us thinking…how do we inform brides how to say yes to a dress?  Here at The Bridal Path, with the help of our sales consultants, seamstresses, owners and more, we have compiled a “how to” on wedding dress shopping!


Do some research on what styles you like! This is probably a no-brainer, but there’s more to it.  The goal is not to find the exact dress you want via online and walk into the store and find it.  Now, I am a huge Pinterest fan, but let’s be real-not everything on there is reality. Some pins take you to expired or unrecognizable links. It’s possible that the wedding dress you pinned may not exist where bridal boutiques can carry it or it may be over your budget. The point behind your “wedding dress board” is to find a fit, a style, even a lacey pattern that you are drawn to! This helps your consultant understand your style better and narrow your choices down.


2. Come With An Open Mind

Do your research but also come in with an open mind. It’s good to have a direction you want to go in but don’t close your mind to other styles. Consultants have lots of experience and may have a dress in mind that would look great on you! At Bridal Path, we have seen brides end up purchasing a dress the exact opposite of what they thought they wanted. This is not meant to scare all the Type A people like some of us. This is simply a friendly warning that you never know what you might like! You may also want to keep an open mind to what your fiancé might like to see you in! After all, that’s be who you’ll be walking towards :)


Rachel Watters Photography

Rachel Watters Photography



Who you bring matters! Bring friends or family members whose opinion you value. People who know your true style and that expresses your personality.  It’s easy to think a lot of dresses are pretty, and they are, but they may not represent your personality.  A posse that knows you and supports you is key to your confidence.  If you have a friend or family member that doesn’t like your style or has a strong opinion of their own, it’s best not to bring them. If you’re like us, you’ll try to please everyone and in the end, making a decision on something you won’t be pleased with.




Come in with plenty of time to order your dress. It typically takes 4-6 months for a dress to come in, with 2-3 alterations appointments. If you’re crunching for time and have a shorter engagement that will not allocate time to order a dress, be prepared to buy a dress off the rack.  This means you would buy the exact dress you are trying on, in that size and color!  We can always alter the dress to fit you like a glove, so no worries!  While we’re on the subject, you should also know that sizing in the wedding world is different.  A size 2 would be a size 6 and so on.  Many people are shocked to hear the size given to them but it isn’t like your normal everyday clothes.  So, there’s a lot that goes into ordering a dress and we want you to have plenty of time for your dress to be made perfect!




Know that what you see isn’t always what you have to get!  Custom changes can usually be made to almost any gown.  Here at the Bridal Path, we carry the best designers, have amazing accent vendors and seamstresses that can add or take away anything. You can add straps or a belt, change ivory to blush, even add tulle for extra poof! We love personalizing dresses to make them as unique as each of our brides are!


Saying yes to a dress is one of the most exciting things about getting married! Your wedding dress should represent your style but also make you feel so special. Think about what makes you feel fabulous! The Bridal Path has been helping brides all over the south for almost 50 years now and the joy of helping someone find their dress never fades! We hope these tips prepare you for your “say yes” moment and makes things easier on your bridal shopping experience!