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Megan & Allen, by Jessica McNeil

Mitchell McGinnis

I love coordinating weddings, but when it's two people you know and have gotten to see their lives come together to this point of matrimony, it's such a blessing. That's how I felt about Megan and Allen's wedding. Megan and I worked together a while back, but even before that I had the pleasure of writing a story about the ministry that Allen was doing. This was before they were dating, so I got to know them as individuals and watch their relationship unfold. And when Megan asked me to coordinate their wedding, I didn't hesitate.

I love being a part of celebrating how God brings people together and creates a beautiful story- it's so exciting! Watching Megan arrive in her dress and feeling how excited and ready Allen was to marry this special lady made every bit of work worth it. One of my favorite moments of a wedding, and especially in this case with Megan and Allen, is while we are waiting behind closed doors before the bride walks down the aisle. Megan excitedly waited with her dad and when I opened the doors for her to be revealed to an expecting crowd, I could see the genuine excitement all over her face.

My next favorite part is in that very same spot when the bride and groom come walking out of those doors as husband and wife. This transition is more than just a change of words from bride and groom to husband and wife- it's their identity as one. God has brought them together to now work as one for His glory. Knowing Megan and Allen, I knew that's what this moment represented for them.

The celebration continued as hundreds of their friends and family greeted them with joy. It is evident how much they are loved and supported. Seeing that makes this job so rewarding.

Megan and Allen, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your new journey as husband and wife. Many blessings.

-Jessica McNeil

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